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She just has that same kind of energy, dancing around. So the Hawkins consider Gaga to be both maternal and of the same firecracker spirit as their own mama.

Lady GaGa 'The Born This Way Ball': What we do and don't want to see

Bassist Frankie Poullain shared the maternal sentiments of the Brothers Hawkins, saying, ''It's funny; she reminds me of my mum as well. I wanna qualify that in the sense of the multi-tasking mentality, Gaga just goes from one subject to the next.

She's very forthright and very fast. That's like my mum, who's quite hyper and amazingly on the money.

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  1. Lady Gaga steps out in all black for dinner... after scoring her song Shallow soars to number one.
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Then there was the backlash. Still, despite this resolute attitude, Artpop felt… off.

Lady Gaga - Look What I Found (A Star Is Born)

Among a bizarre, hectic and messy promotional campaign there was also an aspect of mania and, as an observer at least, desperation. This was made worse by two high profile performances of the song on Saturday Night Live and the American Music Awards. The latter, which is still available online , saw Gaga and Kelly roleplaying as a secretary and a president engaged in an affair, including a moment where Kelly straddles Gaga on an office desk. There was even a gag about illicit photos being uploaded to the internet.

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There was also a sex tape that allegedly showed Kelly engaging in sex with an underage girl and urinating on her. R Kelly denies all allegations made against him. That the song and its lyrics made it past producers and, more shockingly, her record label is worrying. Richardson has been accused of sexual misconduct multiple times since